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I see my country rip in a part, by violence, angry behavior, barbarians , stupid leaders , corrupted system , wrong fanaticism , uneducated society , jack ass parliamentary , nature resource being soled out to foreign, for business, money, which didn’t come back as mutual profit for our country . What should we do ? do we need bringing back Soekarno from the dead ? or maybe ask Obama to be our president, since he knows personally of Indonesia, or take Mourinho as national team coach, at least it can be an entertaining solution for this stressful anomaly. Or maybe, we should gain back people power, and reject the system that already been made.

Well, it’s up to us guys. The young generation.

Let’s not always think about “glamorous, lifestyle, or community”. Let’s think as whole nation, that slowly dying and stupidly left behind on the global race. Let’s think as a farmer, a fisherman, a labor, a professor, a teacher, a student, so that we can together overcome the problem. Let’s talk about solution rather than debating silly issues.

Why i create this blog, is to reach Indonesian blogger hearts, where certain people with smart and positive energy are needed to think, to act, to make a change, on how we as a civilians can live prosperous in our beloved country, because nowadays, prosperous are belong to people with money, power, and position.

Nobody said this life would be easy. But as a nation, should the leaders teach his people to make this life more easier ? from the chance, opportunity, and his policy. Why the heck we must afford a lot just to bring our kids for entering a school ? or why poor people will live they entire life as a poor.

Some of condition maybe better, but not yet better than 10 years ago. And we are taken so long to enjoy our great natural resources benefit. Why the heck those leaders aren’t smart and brave as we expecting so much. Why we cannot build our own cars ? why our best educated people are working for other country ? why traffic jam and flood is never ends ? where’s the solution ? so many why, so little answer we can get. Because government are hiding this issue so much,  or maybe, they aren’t good enough to think as problem solver.

So, i’m gonna end my speech “uppss, sorry”, “my blog”  at the right words.


please gave your comment and support, and let’s join to make a better Indonesia, for all nation. For the future of Indonesia, so we don’t waste our chance, to become an independent country. Political, system, and wealth.


Best regards,



A civilian

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